Vermont has some of the most beautiful covered bridges in the United States. These bridges are the perfect places to take a break from the heat and to enjoy a little scenery. You’ll find them in every corner of the state. There are more than 30 covered bridges in the state. Here are a few to consider.

Middle Covered Bridge

Located in Woodstock, Vermont, the Middle Covered Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the region. The bridge was rebuilt in 1974 and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1973.

It’s the first new public covered bridge in 80 years. The original bridge was built in the 1870s and served until 1900 when it was destroyed. Originally constructed of iron, the new bridge is made of wood. There’s a sloping roof to prevent damage from heavy rain and snow.

Pedestrians can park on the bridge, or you can take a short hike to the river. A small hiking trail is accessible on both sides of the bridge. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the river without having to worry about getting stuck in the snow.

Taftsville Covered Bridge

The Taftsville Covered Bridge is one of Vermont’s oldest bridges. It is located near Woodstock. Designed by local resident Solomon Emmons III, the bridge was built in 1836. Today it is considered to be the oldest remaining covered bridge in the United States.

This historic bridge is a must-see for visitors in Woodstock. Taftsville is an eastern suburb of the city. There are several covered bridges in the area. However, the Taftsville Covered Bridge is the most impressive and unique. In addition to its colorful hue, it also features two kingpost trusses.

It has a stone pier at the mid-point of the bridge. A short hiking trail is available to enjoy the scenery and the views. Also, the bridge has ample parking.

The Taftsville Covered Bridge has survived ice dams on the river below. Flood waters destroyed three earlier structures.

Lincoln Covered Bridge

The Lincoln Covered Bridge is a historic covered bridge. Located in Woodstock, Vermont, it is a unique wooden example of a Pratt truss.

Built in 1877, it is one of the only known wooden examples of a Pratt truss. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Despite its age, the Lincoln Covered Bridge remains a popular thoroughfare.

Aside from the Lincoln Covered Bridge, there are several other Woodstock covered bridges to visit. One of the best is the Middle Covered Bridge. This historic bridge is located on Mountain Ave in Woodstock. There is a small walking trail along the river. Pedestrians can park on the bridge and enjoy a scenic walk.

Another covered bridge in Woodstock is the Taftsville Covered Bridge. It spans 190 feet. This is the oldest covered bridge in Vermont. It has survived storm damage from Hurricane Irene.

Scott Covered Bridge

Scott Covered Bridge is a covered bridge in Townshend, Vermont, that spans the West River. The bridge is a three-span structure built in 1870. It features a Town Lattice through truss and a kingpost through truss.

The town lattice trusses were originally designed to support heavy loads of pig iron drawn by oxen. They were more durable and fire-resistant than other bridge types. In addition, they were able to counter the stresses of tension and compression.

Today, Scott Covered Bridge is no longer used for vehicular traffic. The bridge is closed for maintenance and renovation.

Although the structure is no longer open to the public, you can view the Scott Covered Bridge by visiting Townshend, Vermont. You can also check out the Shelburne Museum Bridge. This bridge is a two-lane covered bridge that carries the entrance to the museum.

Gold Brook Covered Bridge

The Gold Brook Covered Bridge is Vermont’s oldest covered bridge. It is constructed in the Howe truss design. It is one of the longest two-span covered bridges in the world.

The story of the bridge is quite bizarre. According to locals, a young girl fell off the bridge in the 1920s and drowned. The body was later discovered by tradesmen in Stowe.

The bridge is free to park, and the parking area is a dirt lot. There are a few apparitions and strange phenomena.

Supposedly, Emily’s ghost has been seen on moonlit midsummer nights. She has been described as a specter with anger in her eyes. Some people even believe that she may have sought refuge on the bridge.

Another story claims that the Gold Brook Covered Bridge is haunted by a ghost. People have reported seeing apparitions, and even a hand print on the glass of a car.