Vermont is home to a thriving artisanal cheese industry that offers a wide variety of cheeses. Several companies specialize in the production of artisanal dairy products. Read on to learn more about some of the companies and their products.

Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill Farm is a family-run farm and creamery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The Kehler family has a long-time connection to the region. Many members of the family have lived in Greensboro, a sleepy village on the edge of Caspian Lake.

The Kehlers have been making cheese for over a decade. They are among a growing group of artisanal cheese makers in Vermont. In 2003, the family started Jasper Hill Farm. Now, the farm produces farmstead cheeses from a small herd of Ayrshire cows.

Jasper Hill is dedicated to producing the highest quality products. Using the European affineur model, the team carefully and skillfully ages their cheeses to perfection. This allows the farm to maintain its small-scale operations while extending its reach to local communities and the national market.

Jasper Hill Farm also works to preserve the working landscape of Vermont. As a part of its commitment to the Northeast Kingdom, Jasper Hill has helped prop up a number of small, family-owned farms.

Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Plymouth Artisan Cheese is a 125-year-old cheese factory that produces hand-cut, wax-coated cheeses in Vermont. The cheese is produced from local milk, which is sourced from a single dairy herd. This single-herd policy ensures freshness and consistent quality.

It is no wonder that the cheese has won multiple awards. The brand is one of the best in the artisanal cheese industry. The company was ranked one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2013. There are seven different types of cheese, ranging from cheddar to smoked, to black truffle.

Big Blue is a rich and creamy cheese that is both smooth and herbaceous. It also features a thin, stony rind. Food & Wine recognized it as one of the best artisanal cheeses in the country.

Another of the company’s award-winning products is Ballyhoo Brie. It is a soft-ripened, square-shaped brie that is perfect on sandwiches and as an afternoon snack.

You can find a wide selection of Plymouth’s products at many retail outlets, as well as on their website. They offer seven different types of raw cow’s milk cheeses.

Von Trapp family

If you’re looking for an organic, artisanal cheese made from cow’s milk, then von Trapp Farmstead Creamery is the place to go. This small Vermont creamery is run by the third generation of the von Trapp family. It makes a variety of Alpine style, washed rinded, soft ripened, and blue cheeses.

The von Trapp family farm has been in operation since 1959. Today, the family’s operation includes fifty cows. They also raise pigs from whey, and they are certified organic.

The von Trapps are working to make their family farm more economically viable. Their mission is to produce the best quality milk from their cows and use it to make cheeses.

The family is using traditional methods of cheese production to produce artisanal cheese. Oma is one of the family’s signature cheeses. It’s a tomme-style, farmstead cheese that’s soft, with a thin orange rind that’s often covered with white flora.

Another artisan cheese produced by the von Trapp family is Savage. This alpine style cheese is aged for eight to twelve months. It is dry salted and rinded, with a touch of pepper.

Bayley Hazen

If you’re looking for a nutty blue cheese, then look no further than Bayley Hazen. This cheese is a staple on the top cheese counters at restaurants across the country.

Jasper Hill Farm is a farm located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The Kehler family started the farm in 2003 with 15 Ayrshire cows. Today, the farm is home to 45 cows and a creamery. It produces an array of cheeses.

Mateo and Andy Kehler, brothers and co-owners of Jasper Hill, are dedicated to reviving Vermont’s dairy industry. They use raw cow’s milk from their own herd to produce their signature blue, known as Bayley Hazen.

Their cheese is made by two highly trained teams. One is on the farm, and the other is at the Vermont Food Venture Center in Hardwick. Both of these teams work with the same batches of cheese, and they select which ones will be sent to competitions.

At the World Cheese Awards this year, Bayley Hazen Blue took home the prize for the best raw milk blue. Other awards included Reserve Supreme Champion and Champion Overseas.